Fjords of Greenland and Iceland

Join Black Watch and venture off the ‘tourist track’ to unearth the fascinating cultures and untouched scenery of Greenland’s remote fjords and settlements. On this memorable 14 night adventure you’ll immerse yourself in the traditions of this elusive country; marvel at astonishing natural wonders; and experience some of the greatest scenic cruising this incredible part of the world has to offer, taking in views of striking landscapes filled with magnificent mountains and glaciers. 

DESTINATION Iceland & Greenland
FROM Liverpool
DATE 17 August 2018
DURATION 15 Nights
PRICE Was €3,179 pp now €1,949pp

Let Black Watch be your guide to exploring the remote, yet breathtaking regions of Greenland. Simply stunning fjords and waterways, astonishing natural wonders and fascinating settlements all await discovery in this elusive country; and there’s no better way to take in the best of them than on this unforgettable cruise.

Before discovering the delights of Greenland your incredible itinerary begins in Iceland. After spending two relaxing days at sea you’ll stop overnight in Reykjavik, the capital and your gateway to the world-famous wonders of the Golden Circle. See the Gullfoss Waterfall, Strokkur Geysir and more; or perhaps visit the glorious Blue Lagoon Spa before sailing on to Ísafjörður for tours to the unspoilt Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. A day of magical scenic cruising will provide the perfect start to your time in Greenland, bringing some of the country’s greatest sights closer to you. Soaring mountains, glistening glaciers, imposing icebergs and tumbling waterfalls will come into view in Prins Christiansund; and within Torssukátak huge cliff formations will await your admiration. Traversing these simply awe-inspiring waterways will create memories which will last forever.

Stopping at Qaqortoq will offer you your first chance to step foot on Greenlandic shores. Choose to take in some of Greenland’s most spectacular Arctic landscapes on an accompanied hike at the Great Lake; or perhaps experience Kaffe-Mik and enjoy traditional coffee, tea and cake with the town’s friendly locals. From Narsarsuaq you can join a boat tour to the Qooroq Ice Fjord and marvel at the beautiful blue icebergs, which break away from the magnificent Qooroq Glacier. Alternatively, venture up Signal Hill and enjoy stunning views of the Tunugdlliarfik Fjord. Then in Nanortalik – Greenland’s most southerly town – you’ll discover steep mountains, gorgeous fjords and pretty woodlands. A visit to the Open Air Museum, which showcases traditional clothing, kayaks and much more, is a must to learn about the local way of life. Finally, delight in the majestic scenery of the Tasermiut Fjord as you depart Greenland before sailing back to Northern Ireland’s attraction-packed capital, Belfast.


Day to Day Itinerary:

Day 1: Liverpool, UK: Departs Late PM

Following your flight to Liverpool, you will be welcomed on board Black Watch by the excellent crew. You will have plenty of time to settle in and explore the ship, as she leaves port late in the afternoon.

Days 2-3: At Sea:

These full days are spent cruising toward your first port of call, Reykjavik, Iceland. Until then, settle back, relax and watch the world go by or enjoy the fantastic facilities and entertainment on board.

Days 4-5: Reykjavik, Iceland: Arrive Early AM OVERNIGHT Depart Late PM

Overlooked by the impressive Hallgrímskirkja bell tower, Reykjavik is a stunning city with a number of interesting museums and some of the country’s most beautiful natural wonders within easy reach. Highlights include the Blue Lagoon Spa, Thingvellir National Park, the Gullfoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls and the Geysir hot spring area.

Reykjavik – Iceland’s stunning capital – is the country’s cultural centre. Home to a number of museums, galleries and exhibitions and boasting an impressive array of cafes, restaurants and bars, there is so much to enjoy in this vibrant, picturesque city.

Located in southwest Iceland – an area characterised by vast peninsulas, coves, straits and islands – Reykjavik is only a short distance from some of the country’s most beautiful natural wonders and interesting locations. The Blue Lagoon Spa, the Thingvellir National Park and the Althing – the world’s oldest parliament – are all within easy reach. The renowned Gullfoss waterfall, ‘Golden Falls’ and the incredible Geysir hot springs are slightly further afield, but are worth making the effort to visit.

Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach – Reykjavik’s little bit of paradise – is not-to-be-missed. The geothermal is a very popular tourist attraction thanks to its sandy beach and geothermal lagoon where cold sea and hot geothermal waters meet to produce higher temperatures. Here you will find hot-tubs, steam baths and various water sports to try.

Day 6: Ísafjörður (Isafjordur), Iceland: Arrive Early AM Depart Late PM

Perched on a sand-spit jutting out into an inlet on one of northwest Iceland’s deepest fjords, Ísafjörður has a fine natural harbour which has made this one of the country’s main fishing and trading centres for over 250 years.

With its fine natural harbour, Ísafjörður – the largest town of the Westfjords – has been one of Iceland’s busiest and most important fishing and trading centres for over 250 years. Set against a backdrop of steep mountains and perched on a sand-spit that juts out into an inlet of one of the deepest fjords in northwest Iceland, Isafjordur isn’t just one of Iceland’s most important towns; it is one of the prettiest too.

The town centre of Isafjordur has some of the best preserved timber buildings in the country and is a joy to explore. It is only a small town, so it is easy to navigate on foot and it is worth visiting some of the warm cafes, bakeries and welcoming family-run restaurants that serve the finest locally caught seafood all year round. There are also a couple of museums to visit and on occasion, music festivals and events take place in the town offering visitors the chance to experience modern Icelandic culture.

During your time in Ísafjörður, be sure to explore the beautiful landscape of Vigur – ‘The Paradise Island’. The island is only a 30 minute boat trip away and is home to thousands of birds of various species including puffins, arctic terns, eider ducks, black guillemots and more. Here you can also visit Europe’s smallest post office and send a postcard to your envious friends and family back home.

Day 7: At Sea: 

Day 8: Cruising Prins Christian Sund & Torssukatak, Greenland: Arrive Early AM Depart Late PM

Prins Christian Sund is a sound which separates the mainland Greenland with Sangmissoq and other islands of the Cape Farewell Archipelago.

Framed by soaring snow-topped mountains, rocky cliffs and rolling hills, Prins Christian Sund offers stunning scenery as you make you way along its still, glass-like waters. Be sure to keep an eye out for glistening glaciers and impressive icebergs that are often spotted at the base of the steep mountains.

Glide between the huge sea-cliffs, soaring mountains and picturesque traditional settlements of one of Greenland’s most beautiful waterways on a scenic cruise through the incredible Torssukatak Fjord.

Flanked by astonishingly tall seawalls, it feels as though you are cruising through a tunnel as you make your way through the fjord. A favourite with brave climbers, Torssukatak is home to the famous Thumbnail cliff – said to be one of the highest sea cliffs on earth – and the ‘Baroness’ – an imposing, 600 metre high vertical cliff face.

Day 9: Qaqortoq, Greenland: Arrive Early AM Depart Late PM

Qaqortoq was founded by Norwegian traders in 1775 and it retains some beautiful colonial buildings from that time. Explore the town centre, home to an ancient fountain, the charming Church of Our Saviour and two museums.

Qaqortoq – Southern Greenland’s largest town – was founded by Norwegian traders in 1775, and it retains some beautiful colonial buildings from that time. The town is very proud of its ancient fountain – for many years it was the only one in Greenland – which has carvings of whales spouting water out of their blowholes, and the names of all of the town burghers in brass letters around its base. The Stone and Man project is also fascinating, featuring natural rock that’s been carved by local artists into abstract shapes and figures.

The charming Church of Our Saviour, dating from 1832, is found in the town centre, and the two local museums are also worth seeing. The ancient but well preserved Hvalsey Norse ruins are just outside the town. Hvalsey is mentioned in the Icelandic annals – the Flateyjarbók – and has extensive and substantial remains of dwellings dating back over a thousand years.

Day 10:  Narsarsuaq, Greenland: Arrive Early AM Depart Late PM

Just outside of Narsarsuaq is Signal Hill, offering panoramic views of the fjord and the icebergs which can occasionally be seen floating past. Inland is the stunning Narsarsuaq Glacier which grows out of the ice sheet of Greenland’s interior.

Based around its international airport – a former US Military Airbase – Narsarsuaq is one of Greenland’s most popular and busiest tourist destinations. Home to diverse wildlife, vast fjords and incredible glaciers, there is so much to see, do and discover in Narsarsuaq.

The most popular attraction is the stunning Narsarsuaq Glacier, an impressive frozen formation that grows out of Greenland’s sheet ice. The inland ice – where the Glacier is located – is where the best views are to be had. The ice is within walking distance and is reached via the picturesque Flower Valley.

During your time here, be sure to take a trip to Signal Hill, a hill just outside the town. From the top you will discover amazing panoramic views of the Fjord below and if you’re lucky, will be able to spot icebergs as they float by.

Day 10-Cont.:  Cruising Tunulliarfik Fjord, Greenland: Arrive Late PM Depart Late Night

The breathtaking Tunugdliarfik Fjord – with its lush green valleys, charming traditional settlements and snow-topped mountain peaks on its banks – epitomises the natural beauty and diversity of Greenland’s stunning landscapes.

Gliding along the glass-like still waters of the fjord, in between drifting ice bergs that have separated from the ice cap nearby and alongside native seals and whales, you will feel an uncanny sense of space, tranquillity and relaxation on a scenic cruise through this incredible natural wonder.

Day 11: Nanortalik, GreenlandArrive Early AM Depart Early PM

The most southerly town in Greenland, Nanortalik sits on a small island at the end of a delightful fjord, surrounded by glorious snow-covered mountains. There’s a well preserved historic quarter where there are cafes and an unusual wooden church.

Nanortalik – Greenland’s most southerly town – is unlike any other town in the country. Sat on a small island at the end of a wonderful fjord and surrounded by vast snow-topped mountains, the ‘Place of Polar Bears’ is truly unique.

Polar bears live and hunt on the sea ice close to the town and are often seen from the shores of Nanortalik, while seals and whales can also be spotted in the surrounding waters. On dark nights at the right time of year, visitors are able to watch in awe as Aurora Borealis provides nature’s own spectacular display, with a curtain of white, yellow and green flashes lighting up the sky. If you’re a lover of nature and all its wonders, this beautiful island is the place to visit.

Day 11-Cont.:  Cruising Tasermiut Fjord, Greenland: Arrive Early PM Depart Late Night

The stunning Tasermiut Fjord is a perfect example of the power of Mother Nature. With imposing cliffs, crystal-clear rivers, blue glaciers and majestic icebergs, it looks like a landscape only seen in fantasy movies.

As you cruise along the rich azure waters of the Tasermiut Fjord – between huge mountains and daunting ‘Big Wall’ cliff faces – you quickly begin to understand why this stunning part of Greenland – considered one of the 10 wonders of the Arctic – is so popular with keen kayakers and hikers from all over the globe. Rich with beautiful flora and diverse fauna, Tasermiut is a haven for nature lovers too. Keep an eye on the sky to spot majestic eagles as they swoop down into the fjord and spot wild foxes and arctic hares on the shore as you glide through the ‘Arctic Patagonia’ alongside seals, whales and arctic salmon.

Days 12-14: At Sea

Sit back and relax as we take you back to Belfast for your disembarkation in Ireland.

Day 15: Belfast, Northern Ireland: Arrive Early PM Depart Late PM

From beautiful coastlines to a fascinating industrial heritage, Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast, is a modern, vibrant and stylish city. Famous for being the birthplace of the RMS Titanic, Belfast offers visitors the chance to visit the Harland and Wolff shipyard and the fascinating Titanic Experience. Only in Belfast can the Titanic story be traced to its source, and the excitement of an era when the city was at the height of its powers relived.

Close to Queen’s University lie the fascinating Botanical Gardens, established for over 180 years. The unique Palm House was one of the world’s first cast-iron glass-houses and displays a wide range of tropical plants, ranging from bananas to rubber. Alongside, the Renaissance-styled Ulster Museum tells Ireland’s 9,000-year history through art, ceramics, costume, and prehistoric archaeology. To the city’s northern edge is the impressive Belfast Castle, offering wonderful views of the city as it stands 120m above the Irish Sea.

Day 16: Liverpool, UK: Arrive Early AM

Your cruise ends today with your arrival in Liverpool. You will be transferred to the airport for your flight back to Ireland.

15 Nights Accommodation the 4 Star Black Watch, operated by Fred. Olsen Cruise Line. (See ship info tab for more information on Black Watch)

Fred. Olsen – 4* MS Black Watch

The  Black Watch cruise ship is a hark back to the days of style and charm with sleek and intimate with cabins and suites for up to 804 guests. Black Watch has a warm welcome waiting for you.

Black Watch was voted ‘Best for Entertainment’ in the 2012 Cruise Critic ‘Cruisers’ Choice UK Awards’. So, be captivated by the entertaining cabaret at the Neptune Lounge, and fire up your taste buds for a treat at the Glentanar Restaurant. Or, share a relaxing drink over panoramic views across the ocean in the  Observatory Lounge.

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