33 Night Cruise to Indian Ocean

Explore historic cities and sun-kissed scenery, experience fascinating cultures and go in search of some of the world’s most amazing wildlife at incredible destinations in the Mediterranean, Africa, Arabia and the Indian Ocean on this magical 33-night voyage aboard 4* Fred. Olsen Boudicca.


DESTINATION Mediterranean, Egypt, Mauritius
FROM Dublin (Flight), Liverpool, UK
DATE 14th October 2017
DURATION 33 Nights
PRICE From only €4,299 pp


Explore historic cities and sun-kissed scenery, experience fascinating cultures and go in search of some of the world’s most amazing wildlife at incredible destinations in the Mediterranean, Africa, Arabia and the Indian Ocean on this magical 33-night voyage aboard Boudicca.

Calling first into Cadiz, there’s the chance to explore the pretty historic quarter or perhaps take a trip to neighbouring Jerez – the sherry capital of the world – before continuing onwards to visit three beautiful Mediterranean islands. Enjoy Mallorca’s palm-lined beaches and stunning scenery during a day in Palma, where the charming Old Town of centuries-old gothic structures is also a joy to explore; sail into Valletta’s iconic Grand Harbour then wander through the ornate streets of Malta’s walled capital city; and delve into the ancient Greek history of Iraklion, Crete. In Egypt you’ll sail along the remarkable Suez Canal before calling into the popular resort of Sharm el Sheikh, which is home to breathtaking beaches and incredible coral reefs. A stop at Salalah, Oman – the ‘perfume city of Arabia’ – will allow time to see the eye-catching Sultan Qaboos Mosque and immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the aromatic Al Husn souk.

A string of idyllic islands in the Indian Ocean are next on the itinerary, beginning with an overnight stay in Zanzibar where the harrowing slave chambers, 19th century Anglican Church, House of Wonders museum and soft white sand beaches are among many attractions. Mozambique Island is renowned for its mix of cultures and fascinating history, and at just 3 Kilometres long is easy to explore on foot. One side of the island is distinctly European, with historic stone structures and museums; the other more rugged, with wooden huts dotted around a traditional fishing village. From Toamasina you won’t want to miss the chance to encounter Madagascar’s famous native wildlife on a tour to the Ivolonia Zoological Park, where various species of lemur, tortoises, chameleons, snakes, frogs and more live among tropical forests and orchards. Then after savouring the sweeping volcanic landscapes of Reunion Island on a hike or exhilarating helicopter tour from Port Reunion, you’ll end this epic adventure with an overnight stay in Port Louis, the gateway to the paradise beaches and national parks of Mauritius.

Day to Day Itinerary:

Day 1: Liverpool, UK: Depart Late PM

Following your flight to Liverpool you will be taken to the port where you will board the 4* Boudicca to begin your journey.

Days 2, 3 & 4: At Sea

Day 5: Cádiz, SpainEarly AM to Late PM

Cadiz – one of Western Europe’s most ancient cities – hugs Andalusia’s sunlit Atlantic coast and is characterised by palm trees, lookout towers and weathered old buildings. Historic and pretty, the city centre is a joy to explore with a fascinating Old Town district containing huge stone walls from the 1500s and a beautifully carved cathedral.

Day 6: At Sea

Day 7: Palma, Mallorca, Spain: Early AM to Late PM

Palma is the cosmopolitan capital of Mallorca, the most popular of the Balearic Islands (if not the entire Mediterranean)! With its array of bars & restaurants, stylish shops, palm-lined beaches and charming Old Town, Palma – Mallorca’s largest city – is one of the Balearic’s finest destinations. Surrounded by vast mountains and crystal clear waters, Palma is also one of the most beautiful.

An historic city, Palma’s greatest attractions – aside from the stretches of glorious white sands – are the number of historic buildings and monuments that are dotted around the city. The imposing gothic cathedral and the magnificent 14th century Bellver castle in particular are absolute must-visit sites, boasting stunning architecture and interesting exhibits that tell tales of Palma’s vast history, while the charming narrow streets, large squares and 18th century stone walls of the Old Town district are a joy to explore.

Day 8: At Sea

Day 9: Valletta, Malta: Early APM to Late PM

A tiny island with an epic and heroic history, Malta is one of the most scenic ports of arrival anywhere. The 16th century walled capital of Valletta, with its Grand Harbour, is a treasure-chest bristling with baroque architecture. See the St. John’s Co-Cathedral and its incredibly ornate chapels created by the Knights Templar.

You could be fooled for thinking you were visiting Valletta at dusk by looking at its sundrenched stone walls, an almost permanent warm honey hue. Quite possibly one of the most stunning cityscapes you will see in the Mediterranean, Valletta boasts a treasure-chest of baroque architecture filtering down into the deep-water Grand Harbour.

Day 10: At Sea

Day 11: Iraklion, Crete, GreeceEarly AM to Late PM

Iraklion, the capital of Crete is one of the largest and most interesting cities in all of Greece. With a long history that stretches back over 5000 years to the time of the Minoans – Europe’s first civilisation – Iraklion’s landscape is filled with remarkably well preserved historical architecture and monuments that tell tales of the Island’s incredible past.

Iraklion – Crete’s capital – is the largest city on the island and one of the largest in Greece. Boasting some incredible archaeological artefacts, monuments and buildings – some from over 3000 years ago – Iraklion has an extensive history to explore and diverse culture to discover, despite the city’s modern, industrialised appearance. The archaeological museum in Iraklion is world famous, and is renowned for its vast array of artefacts from Crete and all over Greece, including a collection of treasures from the Minoans – the oldest European civilisation.

Days 12 & 13: Suez Canal Transit: 

Taking a journey along the Suez Canal – one of the world’s most impressive man-made waterways – and it may seem as if you are sailing through the heart of the desert itself. Stretching over 101 miles, the Canal crosses the Isthmus of Suez dividing the Mediterranean from the Red Sea and is one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

The Canal crosses the Isthmus of Suez dividing the Mediterranean from the Red Sea, and is one of the world’s most impressive man made waterways, 101 miles in length. Opened in 1869 it remains one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

Day 14: Sharm el-Sheikh, EgyptEarly AM to Early PM

Indulge in your choice of snorkelling, water-skiing or swimming in Sharm el-Sheikh, or simply relax on the fabulous sandy beaches. The coral reefs are home to a host of gorgeous rainbow-hued fish and sea-gardens.

Appearing like a mirage across the endless sand, Sharm el Sheikh is a paradise of relaxation. With crystal clear waters & reefs perfect for snorkelling and stretches of glorious sandy beaches, it’s no wonder Sharm el Sheikh has become one of Egypt’s most popular resorts.

Days 15-18: At Sea

Day 19: Salalah, OmanEarly AM to Early PM

Capital of Oman’s southern region, Salalah, known as the ‘perfume city of Arabia’, is famous for its trade in frankincense. The city’s must-see sights include the eye-catching Sultan Qaboos Palace and the Haffa and Al-Husn souks, which sell gold and silver products, incense, perfumes and frankincense resin.

Salalah is the capital of Oman’s southern region, and has long been famous for the trade in frankincense. Here you will also find many stalls selling lush local produce, such as mouth-watering fruit and delicious street food.

Days 20-23: At Sea

Days 24 & 25: Zanzibar, Tanzania: Late AM OVERNIGHT depart Late PM

The beautiful island of Zanzibar has a relaxed pace and diverse flora and fauna, but its highlight has to be the powder-soft white sand beaches and alluring crystal clear waters offering visitors a slice of paradise. Relax on the beaches soaking up the sun, or go in search of the native tropical marine life with a spot of sailing or kayaking.

The beautiful island of Zanzibar has a relaxed pace and diverse flora and fauna, but its highlight has to be the powder-soft white sand beaches offering visitors a slice of paradise.

Zanzibar is a separate state within Tanzania, located in the Indian Ocean some 37 kilometres offshore the east coast of Africa. Feel the salt spray from the tumbling waves as they lap at the shores of Zanzibar, located in the luscious Indian Ocean and famous for it’s harrowing past which you can get a feel for by visiting the old Slave Market or alternatively, immerse yourself in the culture through its colourful cuisine at the Forodhani Gardens.

Soak up the sun and admire idyllic views, watch the local fishermen, paddle in the shallow turquoise waters, or go in search of colourful marine life. The alluring waters call many locals into its midst for a spot of sailing or kayaking. Be sure to dip your toes and catch a few rays of sun on these gorgeous beaches.

Day 26: At Sea

Day 27: Mozambique Island, MozambiqueEarly AM to LatePM – Port at anchor/tender

UNESCO-listed since 1991, Mozambique Island – the former capital of Mozambique – is renowned for its diverse mix of cultures and fascinating history. One half of the island feels distinctly European; the other more traditionally African. Plus, as the island is only 3 Kilometres long, it’s easy to take it all in on foot.

Known as ‘the island which gave the country its name’, Mozambique Island is situated in the Mozambique Channel just off the northeast coast of the country we now know as Mozambique. Steeped in history, the island was the capital of Mozambique for nearly four centuries under the control of the Portuguese colonies, and before that was a major Arabian trading base since the 8th century. Today, this UNESCO-listed island is one of the most fascinating destinations in the Indian Ocean – part traditional African fishing community, part open-air museum showcasing a mix of African, Arabian and European style architecture and culture.

Days 28 & 29: At Sea

Day 30: Toamasina (Tamatave), MadagascarEarly AM to Late PM

Thanks to its busy avenues and boulevards, spicy markets, traditional dancing, beautiful beaches and close proximity to some of the island’s famous lush landscapes and iconic wildlife, Toamasina (also known as Tamatave) is the place to visit for typically Madagascan experience.

Located on the incredible east coast of Madagascar, Toamasina – the island’s second largest city and most important seaport – isn’t just perfectly placed to handle much of the foreign trade; it’s also an ideal stopping point en route to discovering some of the best beaches, bays and natural wonderlands in the region. Warm, soft sands are found close port; while further inland the lush landscapes of the spectacular Ivolonia Zoological Park await exploration.

Day 31: At Sea

Day 32: Port Reunion, ReunionEarly AM to Late PM

A republic of France, Reunion is like is like a tropical version of the French Riviera, with gourmet restaurants, sandy beaches and chic boutiques. An island that begs to be explored, Reunion’s lush landscapes and vast mountain ranges provide some incredible views and picture opportunities.

A republic of France, Reunion is like is like a tropical version of the French Riviera, with gourmet restaurants, sandy beaches and chic boutiques. The island’s lush, sweeping landscapes and mountainous interior are just waiting to be explored, as are the southern villages which appear to be frozen in time. Their heritage and charming creole houses remain as they were fifty years ago.

Day 33: Port Louis, MauritiusEarly AM OVERNIGHT

Port Louis, Mauritius’s capital and busiest city is an exhibition of everyday Mauritian life. Head to the busy market and experience excitement of shopping in Port Louis or take a trip to the sparkling new waterfront to sample local cuisine and the island’s 58 varieties of tea. To get closer to nature, visit the famous Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens.

To see a colourful snapshot of everyday Mauritian life, head for the lively covered market, which contrasts with the sparkling new waterfront. Visit the famous Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens, with beautiful giant Victoria Water Lillies; explore the nearby 3,000-acre Domaine des Pailles Nature Park; or just relax beside a fabulous Indian Ocean Beach.

Day 34: Port Louis, MauritiusEarly AM

After breakfast disembarkation begins and you will be collected from the port and taken to the airport for your flight back to Dublin with Emirates via Dubai.

33 Nights accommodation aboard the 4 Star Boudicca, operated by Fred. Olsen Cruise Line. (See ship info tab for more information on MS Boudicca)

4* Fred Olsen – Boudicca

Originally designed for world cruises, Boudicca has a high proportion of large cabins and suites, many with sea views. The vessel’s interior is stylish, elegant and very modern, and large windows in public rooms create a very light and airy ambience. In addition they provide magnificent views for passengers in the restaurants, lounges and bars of the ship.

The Secret Garden Restaurant, decorated in an oriental style, is available for informal dining, while the ship’s main formal restaurants are the Tintagel and Four Seasons, which display a wealth of original landscape and botanical paintings, as does the Heligan Room, named after the recreated Cornish “Lost Gardens” of Heligan. In fine weather a poolside buffet is available on the lounge deck, alongside the large swimming pools, two jacuzzis and exercise pool.

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Marina Deck 3

Cabin Categories:

  • I Inside
  • F Oceanview
  • E Oceanview

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Atlantic Deck 4

Cabin Categories:

  • H Inside
  • N Single Inside
  • E Oceanview
  • D Oceanview
  • L Single Oceanview
  • K Single Oceanview

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Main Deck 5

Cabin Categories:

  • M Single Inside
  • K Single Oceanview
  • C Superior Oceanview
  • B Superior Oceanview
  • JS Junior Suite
  • DS Deluxe Suite

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Lounge Deck 6

Restaurant, Lounge, Bars & Pool

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Lido Deck 7

Cabin Categories:

  • B Superior Oceanview
  • A Superior Oceanview
  • JS Junior Suite
  • DS Deluxe Suite

Library, Card rooms & Bar

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Bridge Deck 8

Cabin Categories:

  • J Superior Single Balcony
  • BC Balcony
  • JB Single Balcony Suite
  • BS Balcony Suite
  • SS Superior Suite

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Marquee Deck 9

Cabin Categories:

  • SS Superior Suite
  • MS Marquee Suite
  • PS Premier Suite

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Sun Deck 10

Fitness Centre, Golf Nets & Sun Deck

Details valid as of February 2012. Subject to Change.

Dates & Prices

14 October 2017 €4,299 Inside Book Now
14 October 2017 €4,439 Outside Book Now
14 October 2017 €5,089 Superior Outside Book Now
14 October 2017 €7,259 Balcony On Request
14 October 2017 €5,799 Single Inside Book Now

Price inclusions

  • Flights from Dublin to Liverpool
  • 33 nights accommodation aboard the 4* Boudicca based on 2 sharing a cabin
  • Fine dining on a full board basis
  • All on board entertainment
  • Flight from Mauritius to Dublin via Dubai with Emirates
  • Taxes and charges
  • 1 carry-on bag of 10kg and 1 check-in bag of 20kg per person

Booking remarks

  • Inclusive of taxes and service charges as indicated
  • Non-refundable or transferable booking deposit of 15% per person at time of booking
  • Full payment due 16 weeks from departure
  • 2% surcharge if balance is paid by credit or charge card
  • Optional Insurance on request (conditions apply)
  • Drinks packages available at €12 per person per night
  • Gratuities from €5 per person per night payable at the end of your cruise onboard M.S. Boudicca
  • These prices are guidelines only and are subject to change and availability. Pricing will be confirmed at time of booking.
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